The Vtuber✨ is Dead💀??

a TTRPG by @tiiimezombie


"Ara Ara, everyone come on over to your queen Salacious✨-Sama~ Today we’re gonna-"

"> WTF"

"> StreamerCheck ?"

"> was that a scream or a death gurgle lmfao"

You and the other Selly✨-butts freak as your favorite vtuber hottie collapses on-stream. There’s something sus AF about this. If only you could check her pulse in person… feel her breath on your neck… A new chatter posts a Wiki How article on astral projection via associated merchandise, and you follow that guide like a speedrunner possessed.

Your love is real. She’s worth more than your own soul. And you’ll do whatever it takes to get Her the life She deserves!

You are an animate merch item!

You’ve possessed a:

  1. T-shirt → C2, V1, P0
  2. Hoodie → C2, P1, V0
  3. Booby Mouse Pad → V2, P1, C0
  4. Poster → V2, C1, P0
  5. Figurine → P2, V1, C0
  6. Protein Cup → P2, C1, V0

Plastic (Bold, Strong, Durable)

Cloth (Flexible, Hidden, Stealthy)

Vibes (Inspiring, Clever, Cozy)

Your Twitch career gives you one magic spell:

  1. Mod → Silence
  2. Tier 3 subscriber → Unholy secrets
  3. Audiophile → Project/Disguise voice
  4. Emote Spammer → Smoke Screen/Graffiti
  5. Quirky Mascot → Feign Innocence
  6. Backseater → Command person

Character Sheet

 Username: ________________

 Type: ____________________

 Plas __  Cloth __  Vibe __

 Spell: ___________________

 ⚠️Danger Level: __________
Notes, Plans, Ramblings:

Magic demands uncharitable personal costs (memories, physical suffering, and more) but you’re more than willing to pay


When you try to do something the GM will tell you:

  1. if the task is easy enough to succeed automatically
  2. if the task is complex and requires some luck
  3. if the task is ⚠️Dangerous

If the task requires some luck, the GM will tell you what number to beat to succeed (Easy - 2, Standard 4, Hard - 6). Roll 1D6 and add your most relevant trait to get a combined result. Results will shake out as follows:

  1. If the result is below your current ⚠️Danger level, you are actively in Serious Trouble - destroyed, trapped, lost, or captured.
  2. If your result is higher than the target, you succeed!
  3. If your result is lower, you made everything worse. If the task was ⚠️Dangerous, your ⚠️Danger level also rises.


You are the GM

Unlucky bastard.

The formula is more or less spawning players in Salacious✨’s mansion as described below, tracking down what room she streams from, identifying clues as to what happened/where she might be, and hopefully doing something to help her, her fans and/or her legacy. Roll, choose favorite(s), go ham.

Salacious✨ streams from a quirked-up mansion:

  1. Like an indie horror game
  2. Actively under construction
  3. Devoutly Religious
  4. Prepped like showroom
  5. Built using Fantasy Magic
  6. Oppressively Perfect

The most noticeable clue around her interruption (heard + seen)

  1. Panicked gasp + They sprinted off screen
  2. Chuckling/Panting + They leapt off screen
  3. Dead silence + The model fell off screen
  4. Inhuman Screaming + Clutched their neck or stomache then slumped
  5. Magical incantations + “Voluntarily” walked off screen
  6. Mid-sentence + The stream cut to the :notlikethis: emote

OK BUT FR WHAHAPPEN?? (Pick one, don’t tell the players)

  1. She’s possessed
  2. She was sleep-streaming
  3. She also got turned into merch
  4. ADHD hit and she forgot she was streaming
  5. She got jumped by an ex or a super fan
  6. It’s an off-color graduation

Additional Complications??? (Optional)

  1. Her IRL family is around and they hate that she streams
  2. The mansion is swarming with super-fans
  3. The mansion is mid-SWATing
  4. TwitchCon? Here?
  5. TikTok witches hope to catch these intruders
  6. Selly✨ owns entirely too many cats

Other Notes

Obviously, this is a direct descendant of The Witch is Dead: An RPG About Murder by @gshowitt

I didn’t mean to but Salacious✨-Sama is based on @VexTheSunEater

© 2024. This work is openly licensed via CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.