Hi For Real

Sorry about the mess, it's WIP and will be fora while

The idea is I'll have kind of "early life pre-internet" so you can be like omg i remember old Fairly Odd Parents or whatever

Then some sections of like games I played, vibes

Ideally then a bunch of like personal rants because if you've gotten this far, you maybe willing to reach out. And that means I need to decisively invite or dissuade that. Talking politcs or whatever idk. Rage against capitalism or something.

Early life

I was born at a young age.

I remember getting a big civic set of like police and fire trucks toys when I was real small but not much interesting about that.

Big fan of Jayjay the jet plane when i was baby.

I remember a really cute space ship that had like 7 removable parts - the bottom with wheels, the main body, the black thruster, a white plate to cover the thruster, two pad things, and the top fin.

I took apart a remote controlled airplane and my yellow walkman for some reason.

I had a Matchbox submarine

Lego - I had an big arctic set. I also had like evil castle. We had a singlular bionicle and that was when they used Move Along by the All American Rejects for their commericials.

Big fan of Lego and K'nex (I still have the Lego).

I used to have a collection of 100 some-odd Hot Wheels cars with my little sister. We had a bunch of sets like an oil changer (you could press down on the lever to make sparks) and such, also a ton of mats. I tried to construct an end-to-end track for all the cars to travel down, but my little sister would get so desperately bored by the time we hit 85%.

Middle Life

Vibes these days

OK because people might actually look at this: hi again. I was working on a discord bot that's a remake of my old once, that's mostly good for sending quotes from Code Ment and such. Obvi, socials are on the homepage so like DM me or whatever I'm friendly :D. One day I'll add an about page that will explain why im called tiiimezombie, though maybe i'll make one to commemorate other funny tags i've used. I watch a lot of video gameplay moreso than even playing - i'm a video game designer by education and I have Opinions and Games I wish I could make. Though it's hard enough just to write them down. Honestly, the only reason i can do things is I suddenly get really passionate about something arbitrary like a funny meme in twitch chat and I spend the night working on it. i sometimes roll my eyes when someone complains about a video game or says it'd be better if something was changed because i'm the one with the game design bachelor lol. I did design consulting on two games and they both tied on the vine Q_Q.

Slowly is a cool app to acquire penpals but no one has really kept up the conversation for more than a couple letters :(

I recently got into fortnite, i love tabletop rpg podcasts, I'm a big fan of vtubers especially indie ones, i do art but mostly uncolored, i stay up late because i worry this is the only time i can be productive, i've never seriously written in a diary, i've tried writing but i don't think i can be mean enough to the characters to make a compelling story. I made a my space back in the day but as soon as i learned you could embed games in the html sockets i never posted any other content. i used to love really modern looking houses and minimalist ui but i've started to wonder if it's too artificial and more just a reminder that everything we love is getting sanded off until there's nothing we can grab onto.

sorry to bail, it's already 3 o'clock.

ps anyone who reads this is welcome to dm me on any of my socials listed on my homepage (i've read these kinds of messages and been like "oh they don't mean me they mean cool people". i mean you, the person reading this. I like your shirt.)