Creating stuff


OK fr i gotta do more work here. Issue is i have a ton of this info in a google sheet, which is arguably easier to update than html

Video Games

on main page, game site

Board Games

On main page, bgg


I think the spotify links has all the meaningful stuff. Maybe i could do like a song breakdown, or every band > 10 songs? Like maybe I could have a couple bands that I care about but I basically... don't care that much.

Relient K, COIN, Saint Motel, Mother Mother, Barns Courtney, Young the Giant, USS


On main page, Anilist

Okay don't look at this it's not interesting

Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit,

Inoreader, Notion, insta, Snap,


Other ideas: Twitch Streamers, Youtube channels, favorite animals, tabletop games, drinks?, ohh websites I use like Notion,