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Hi. This might take several minutes.

Ok hi for real this time. there's a lot of references to random stuff on this page and without some context/preliminary stuff you won't be able to appreciate the vibe, y'know? It's tough because I want this website to look fresh and well done because I like trying to hit that style, but I need you to understand I'm like a goofy lil guy (lil as in vibe, i'm >6 feet tall and in my late 20's (that's not the point)). So i have this short preamble to be like Hey, if you just wanna see cool stuff, or I've told you to try out something fun that I made, check the Experiments or Projects sections. If instead you're idk looking for friends or at least people that are fun to talk to, keep reading and get back to me.

If you like About Me pages, get excited about flash games/wikis, or just want to take things slow, hit the buttons below. It's what plants crave.


The plan is to have at least one non-AboutMe page for my OPINIONS about THINGS. Some of these are somewhat static (software i use, bands I love, vtubers I simp for). Some of them will be updated on other websites so they remain current and easy to edit. Take your pick.

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enge myself. I also made a #47167d #196ebd #98ce00 #483519 #704e2e.


  • Design - Conceptroval.
  • steps.

As part of gdstomization. If you want to hear moreds, feel free to contact me!



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Youtube comment by Adoring Fan (profile picture is a Skyrim character): Email me at yahoo.com


enge myself. I also made a #47167d #196ebd #98ce00 #483519 #704e2e.


  • Design - Concepting the game and mocking it up on paper for managerial approval.
  • steps.

As part of getting into a, I talked to them extensively about the level generation system to make fair and scaleable patterns that don't feel repetitious during play. The game also had a special shop design and missions system that promotes daily check-ins and difficulty customization. If you want to hear more, feel free to contact me!

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