In my mind this is a "who is timezombie/gg445/other public facing internet presence" ie not much but it's me and i have a right to be here and shout into the void.

      OK lets be real i think you probably only care about stuff when i did things publicly.
      Title: tiiimezombie
      Quote: "lsdjfds"
      Blurb about me
       Mario Wiki
       Games Wiki(s)
       link to portal 2 map and golf with friends maps (should be on main page probably)
       famous for 2 posts but nothing else
       famous for nothing
       hubba bubba i think is the most seen video
      General Info
       Lore (maybe)
       Profile pics?
      table with link and date
      So I joined the Super Mario Wiki as GeniusGuy445 in x year. Loved Shy Guys still do. Considered myself smart. The number is related to IRL stuff so i won't elaborate. 
      Made a few edits but fell in love with markup as a language. One of the user's there invited me to a game ideas wiki and so i moved most of my focus there. Always wanted to make games so it made sense.
      My big focus slid from writing up game ideas to playing with the site design/code. Did that for years but slowly lost interest.
      Made an account on SmackJeeves and made my own comic (which i might post here (not a flashy one)) and helped at least one person with their site design.
      I think it might have been like either tumblr or steam where I'm like i need a user name that reprsents ME. 
      Invented this one from scratch. IG i could make a short story about it to really nail it down? weh
      tiiimezombie: time-zom-bee (english) - a. A stylization of "time zombie" combining the name with the species' vernacular moan (i.e. braaainzombie for context).
        b. an internet user who created the concept
      time zombie - a shambling undead craving an extension of time over sustanence. In mythology, a time zombie's bite would literally steal time from a victim. With the surplus, such zombies may choose to take multiple bites simulaneously, undo recent damage to themselves or store that potential for later. Victims often visibly age from a bite, leaving it a less than subtle injury. Whether a bite is fatal or zombifying seems up to the story. Many stories note a time zombie's interest in clocks/watches, though whether this is a substitute food or just a shiny distraction is debated.
      I think i first got a facebook at like 12 which was not recommended
      I got an msn, mostly bothering my mom while she was at work. My sister was big into having song lyrics as statuses but i must admit i had neither friends nor songs to choose from
      I got into making my own myspace and it was lame as hell. Mostly didn't have that much to say, it was a fun cyber green. I learned i could embed flash games from miniclip or nitrome and i did.
      I embedded games like Dirk Valentine and Square Meal and such. Look at the other page for flash game content (WIP)
      I think at some point I learned a bit about making games
      I think what happened was
      Flash game talk will probably get moved to the other page but here it is for now:
      My watch habits of PBS Kids or Veggietales directly affected my initial flash game usage, going to their respective kids sites to play games. PBS didn't have great games but there's a ton of VT games I could still quote.
      "One of the StuffMart salesmen fell asleep too close to the aquatics gear! Help him navigate the watery maze and find all the hidden treasure! But watch out!"
      "It's TIME for DONUT HOCKEY. Move your mouse to block the donut and bounce it into JIMMY'S NET."
      Games I remember:
        squirt ducks with water to sink them
        3 day march around jerricho dodging slushies
        the music memory game
        Veggie tetris
        Donut hockey
        The Sea caves one
        The xmas and cotton candy pacman clones
        3 alchemist platformers
        the interactive map of bumblyburg
        larry boy vs angry eyebrows kinda astroids game
        Larry boy vs rumor weed/fib one
        the falling newspaper game
        Larry's Lab
        bounce junior on the bed to hid frankencelery with paper
        Space corn - fly around and eat popcorn
        the alphabet soup spelling game
      PBS had less of an impact. I remember a cyberchase game that cost in-game currency to transfer between hubs and it seemed like the math would be too complex for me lol

WIP, motivation is cooling

I think i might put the specifics of irl toys/tv shows whatever i grew up with in a different about me as like conversation starter/vibes, and this one is like internet about me. Maybe the style is really different, like that one is scrapbook and this one is wiki.

Early Internet usage

I think the first time I really used the internet was for flash games.

Flash Games, myspace, msn/hotmail, yahoo, veggietales, pbskids, candystand, miniclip, addicting games, andkon, smackjeeves, hivespot, stumbleupon, picaphobia, reddit, facebook, wikia, tumblr,


As GeniusGuy445

The user Geniusguy445 was created from a love of Shy Guys and a belief you need numbers for a username to be unique.